About Us

PT Centratama Menara Indonesia is a company engaged in the provision and maintenance of telecommunication tower infrastructures. Established in May 2008, CMI was formerly known as PT CMI Retower Asia.

In early October 2014, the company reformed and restructured the management to improve the performance of the business. In line with this, they also changed the company name to PT Centratama Menara Indonesia.

The company restructure was done to accommodate the spirit of the new management as well as to strengthen and enhance the company’s position in the competitive landscape of the industry. CMI is currently one of the 5 big players in the mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider industry in Indonesia.


  • We Strive to Become A Leading Infrastructure Provider in


  • Create a Customer-Focused Team that could be countable in delivering the solutions.
  • Develop Advanced Platform and Process that reliable for a HighlyEffectiveOrganization.
  • Commit to Deliver Accurate, Safe and Quality Sites through Network Planning and Advanced Project Management.
  • Providing Market Leading Service Level Performances that could greatly contribute to customer network availability.
  • Create Enhanced Services to support the implementation of future wireless technology.