Multi tenancy towers that is taller than 20 meters in height, that will broaden the network coverage and increase additional capacity for telecommunication service provider.


Multi tenancy towers with less than 20 meter in height, specifically designed for mobile communication on a smaller range.

Fiber Optics

Data transmission system using radio waves have relatively lower capacity than the optical fiber ones. Therefore, in order to increase the capacity of data transmission, the use of optical fiber has become an alternative solution. Anticipating this, CMI is well equipped and ready for the construction of towers with optical fiber data transmission facilities.

Base Transmission Station (BTS) Hotel

BTS Hotel is a concept where the BTS is put in one place and serving dispersed multiple poles at once and is connected by optical fiber. The BTS Hotel concept has become an alternative solution when the construction of the telecommunicationtower in certain areas was prohibited . Through this, the construction of severalpoles connected to the BTS hotel has become the right choice due to its efficiency.